Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The Politics of Globalization

I've been trying to boil my ideas down to a grand strategy with a prime directive that is important and pertinent to the moment and dialogical to everyone. I've settled on "Truly Balanced Values" and "It's The Exchange Rates, Stupid." Now, I'm going to leave the exchange rates for the moment and discuss the dialogical problem...I've discovered by working in groups like this, that there is a giant linguistics mountain to hurdle, so we may communicate successfully with each other...

Should we continue playing bankruptcy capitalism? The system is broke financially and politically, yet, the solution is simple - the understanding and implementation is near impossible - our insecurities, fears and misinterpretations are blocking solutions and implementations. On the one hand, we have extreme under-funded wanton democracy and on the other, we have extreme over-funded speculative capitalism or extreme un-funded democracy verses extreme printed capitalism, yet we need a new Keynesian funded and balanced democracy.

The extreme capitalists see the problem as internal to the person, while they amass great concentrations of wealth. The extreme democrats see the problem as external to the person, while yearning for great dispersions of wealth. The three super-concentrations of wealth are tax havens - the oil rich nations and the 3rd world's super-rich. Is extreme democracy's grand strategy no more than desire? Do they see poverty is simply an illusion or reality of our stupidity? Has anyone glimpsed the great balancers of history? - the founding fathers -Washington, Marshall, Madison, and Hamilton or the great middle period balancer - Lincoln, or more recent balancers - Roosevelt and Truman's Keynesian truly funded and balanced ideas and policies? After studying these great men who knew what to do with the closed wallet of concentrated wealth verses the open wallet of dispersed wealth, I easily came to the conclusion, we needed a new global financial democracy, re-founded on the best ideas of these great men's minds.

The entire world's core values are the problem and solution. We need the best balanced autonomous solution - an authentic grand strategy. The prime directive should be based on growth and balance - a truly new and full balance, from the bottom of our values systems to the top and most hierarchical law structures. The middle path is the road of true balance, yet, we must recognize the limits of capitalism and her sovereignty. We must rebalance social democracy verses market concentrations. Growth of the public good supports social democracy, historically, yet, we must ask - "has globalization gone too far?" While answering, we shouldn't seek perfect government, we should seek perfect competitions, because the imbalances inherent in extreme capitalism are defeating its purpose - hands down!

The intuitive universal truths of common sense show us the modern world is adrift on a sea of unknowing, yet, must we endure a visionless world? Using vision logic, can we glimpse truth as a balance of money and values? or has reason gone mad, trapping us in the horrendous global imbalances? I think not. If we use a major global strategy of thinking locally and acting globally, through policy reform proposals geared to spiritualism's balance of ideas - the world perfect ideas or a perfect competition balance of as many truths as possible, we can surmount a grand strategy to rebalance most of America's values through a true new balance - the center of a new democracy.

I'll say it again, we need a grand strategy - a balanced strategy, and the American mind is wide open to change. At present, the system is so imbalanced, it's robbing itself, yet, in the absolute, there are no problems - it's all a matter of perception. There's answers and solutions to all problems - we just can't talk truth - yet! As ol' man Bechtel used to say, "Problems are just opportunities in work-clothes." Yes, it is true, we have a long way to go, but if we concentrate on the real political problems of globalization's two major causes of technological and state action, and globalization's two major aspects of free trade and free capital, we may start to understand the three stages of mythic, real and integral capitalism. We may further be able to work toward a supra-rational omega structure - a global democracy of money invested in perfect competition, instead of our blindness to possibilities. We must curtail the demonizing of truth and wisdom and seek real and balanced solutions!

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