Thursday, February 23, 2017


As I approach the understanding of myself and others, I must ask myself what I truly and honestly know. Do I know myself well enough to know others, or am I deluding myself more than I may even realize? How many of us truly do know ourselves as well as we think or may guess we do? I think I know myself, but I still sometimes have nagging doubts about the truths being known, so my best effort is to speak of what I’m more sure of, and that’s certain facts of the world I’m far more sure of than self-knowledge of my personal experiences. Still, there are moments and sometimes long periods of time I seem to be fully aware of clearly knowing myself; but, the old demon of self-doubt arises, and I must reassess. How many times have we all done this? I’d say many; but seriously, I don’t know, as I truly can’t know what’s in other people’s minds, even when most tell me, as my interpreter may not be the same as others, and more often than not, I’m sure our interpreters are quite different, more often than the same. Does this sound honest, or am I deluding myself again?

I’ve often wondered why so many people do not see the same world I seem to be seeing, and to me, it’s in more recent years come down to some boundary conditions between varying category interpretation/s, or boundary states between meanings and interpretations, fundamentally, that’s far too often confusing the issues, whether they be experiences or straight intellectual ideas. Boundary states between each side of my own mind often do not match each’s truth systems and facts, so how could I expect anyone else’s to be any different, but I’m never sure how much others are aware of this mismatch between fundamental experiential feelings, morals and physical experiences on one side of my brain, and logic, ethics, reason and intellect on the other side. I’m almost sure others must have sensed this at times, but I’ve never had anyone admit it, and I know this to be true since being a moderator on certain physics forum sites, in the past, and speaking to others about it. The women seemed to express great concern when I mentioned that my own mind’s two sides, feelings and intellect were often in disagreement, within my brain; but, it is simply a natural state to me, and my study for many years has clearly born this out, all the way from the Zen masters, Aristotle’s “squares of oppositions”, Sohravardi’s relational logic, Kant’s antinomies, Peirce’s relational logic to Graham Priest’s “dialetheism”, which all interpret pretty close to my experiences, when considered from the most fundamental natural state of natural logic, or the “logica utens” of natural feelings.

How do we truly and honestly relate, when we all seem to use different word, meanings, and language systems, even within the same language member family, i.e., English? There really isn’t anything wrong with this, except for the fact of how much effort it takes to truly and honestly match varying interpreters; but, that can be a considerable effort, when “what I say may not be what you hear, and what you say may not be what I hear”. That can pose a considerable problem. An example is when America first wandered off course and stumbled into Her massively needless civil war, where so many young souls died, for nothing other than a lack of understanding language and ideas between the North and South, and really being no different than what I’ve often experienced between the two hemispheres of my own mind, shocking as this may sound – Both are nothing more than the misunderstandings of different and varying interpreters. I know this to be true because the extensive study I’ve done throughout my long life clearly showed this boogie-man to bear his ugly teeth every time, many times over, resulting in wars and civil wars, for nothing but the lack of understanding to write better universal laws to true, honest and better values and real justice, to satisfy the contesting sides. This is why I’ve attempted to solve this age-old problem, practically all my life, especially since the 3rd to 7th grade recitals of Abe Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address in many different schools, which just happens to be a man who’s values I have always respected extremely highly. Too bad more people couldn’t realize we need those honest values from the Declaration of Independence’ Preamble used to interpret the U. S. Constitution just as Lincoln did for slavery and the Gettysburg funeral oration, and advised be done into the future constitutional interpretations. And, I know it’s an experiential values problem, first and foremost, far more than an abstract problem; but, How do we solve a fundamental values problem all the way from the particular personal to the universal boundary levels, other than taking Lincoln’s advice, in this massively divisive world of severe animosities?

The funny thing is, even if I can solve the internal interpretation problems of these boundary states within myself, and in turn see how to solve the external boundary states of laws, how could I even begin to have a world, or even another person see what my interpreter sees? The complexity of explanation is almost overwhelming, even to me, who’s tried to see this path, just about my entire life. So, would I expect anyone else to have the same interpreter? I think that would be asking too much of even myself, when I know full well, my own mind would cease functioning as a feeling and rational animal, if these two different boundary states were truly not necessarily independent, to correct each other’s false actions. So to me, if they are biologically necessary contraries and contradictions for fundamental values and values systems to be felt and analytically discussed/understood, and rationality and rational systems to be improved, why would I even begin to think the solution were simple? I don’t. It’s highly complex, and I think this fundamental self-co-logical problem of humanity’s existence with her half-twin nature, must first of all be solved, within us all. Only we can do that with deep interpretive self-understanding; and, that’s a lot of work.

Can I conquer myself? Can you conquer yourself? I think we can by talking enough; but, I fear that’s a lot of talking, and it hasn’t ever been done, so far, on this Earth.

Anyone care to attempt this massive task?