Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Memo of Sound Advise...

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Here's a certified mailed letter to Obama. It was returned with a note, "Due to security, Not accepting mail". Now, how is this supposed to be an open administration of people participation, when I haven't been able to receive any response of any transmission forms, for over six months? Something's drastically wrong here. Hey Obama, can't you afford to hire someone, anyone, to open or answer your letters and e-mails...?

Lloyd Gillespie

Obama for America
P.O. Box 8102
Chicago, IL 60680
(866) 675-2008

Hon. President Elect Barack Obama,

Congratulations, congratulations a thousand times over. You’ve shown the nation how to see common sense, once again___Thank You… You’ve made the nation realize real change is necessary, and desired___No-one could have achieved more… The nation has realized “Markets are more than profits”___They must have a proper law mechanics… You’ve alerted her to the fact, “Markets can not be supported by drastically imbalanced currencies”___They require balanced PPP’s(purchasing price parities)___Globally… You’ve further alerted her to the fact, “Markets can not function, while tax havens gobble and hoard profits”___This must be changed. You’ve also alerted her to the fact, “Markets cease functioning when a nation out-sources its jobs”___This must be rectified… Further still, you’ve alerted her to the fact, “Markets cease functioning when free-trade meets its limit of cheap labor”___This is a law of free-trade limits, i.e., “You can only free-trade, until cheaper labor out-trades you”

You now have the awesome responsibility of “Market-Maker In Chief”, along with “Commander In Chief”… I mention this to you with no small sense of seriousness, as you will need the key, and proper, economic and financial advisers, to deal with the seriousness of what’s to come. I’m not writing this for my own personal interests, as I only wish to offer a few very important academic names, I’ve been following for years. I personally know these people have correctly forward forecasted the present economy, as I have also, since the early `90’s. They have credentials, which I do not, as I’m a polymath autodidact___that’s beside the point. Of all the economic advisors, presently employed/advising you, none have the proper “Market-Maker” academic intelligence the present job requires, or will require. I know them all, and have tried to influence a few, in the Clinton Administration, in the `90’s, about the ever-increasing global transactions’ bubble, then forming, with no success___The truth I warned them of, is now known by all. If they didn’t act then, why should we expect them to act, correctly, now?

As number one economic advisor/Czar, it should be America’s premier academic “Market-Maker” economist, Dr. Paul Davidson, from the University of Tennesee: Subordinate to Paul Davidson should be Jane D’Arista: and Chris Whalen: They should be the head micro/macro financial/monetary architecture economists, as the rest of the world has already stated their desire of a new “Bretton Woods II”. These are America’s foremost, truly Democratic, thinkers on the “BW II International Financial Architecture”. A secondary subordinate team should be made up of Nouriel Roubini: and Marshall Auerback: as they also correctly predicted most every move the present market has taken, over the last five years. I know them to be factually true and accurate, and I trust them, as should you. I have nothing vested in any of these names___I just know them to be who you need to succeed, and only they will do, as to their specific intelligences/informations/knowledges, as relates to what I know our nation, and the world, will absolutely require___Global derivatives’ mechanics absolutely requires the above people’s extensive knowledge of...

I trust you Mr. Pres. Elect Barack Obama, as I can clearly see your heart guides your intellect, to the true analytical middle ground judgment necessary, to lead us out of this mess. I have simply offered you the compulsory, complimentary, bottom-up/top-down economic help, I know you will absolutely need…

Please approach your present team carefully, with this information, as many will be rather jealous and angry, at outside names being suggested. Some of them know who I am also, as we’ve directly corresponded. I, myself, look for nothing but the proper people placement, as per above. Of course, the choice is yours, but I know, not vetting these names, would be a grave error…

Thanks for your time,
Life-time economic investigator,
Lloyd Gillespie, age 63

If possible, these names should attend the Nov. 15, D.C. Conference, if you could make that possible, as this meeting will only be the first of many required, on into your administration, most likely culminating in a months’ long conference, as did the first BW I, in 1944. Many of my ideas, backing/supporting you and your ideas/goals, are listed at: and on my Obama Blog at:

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