Friday, September 18, 2009

The False Utopias of Scientific Logic & God Logic, As Now Percieved…

Can any one of us truly answer the question: “How does one know the boundary line between logic and ego?” Is it even possible to discern? What is the exact criteria you use to determine whether you are using a logic faithful to your chosen field of belief? How do you even make your ideas truly clear to yourself? What are your methods? Do you even believe there are any truly value-valid methods? Is mathematics a sound method, and do you use math? Is empiricism a sound method? Is fallibility and doubt to be thoroughly investigated in developing one’s logic? Are experiments logically valid, and how does one draw conclusions from experiments? Is faith a satisfactory method for some, and what is its true ground or grounds of thought? Is science a satisfactory method for others, and what is its true ground or grounds of thought? Is logic scientifically valid, as now constructed, or as is used in a folk(natural) usage? How does ego know logic as logic, and not ego? How does logic know ego as ego, and not logic? As per all the new and extended logics, of the centuries, what makes logic sound and valid…?

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