Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Mathematically Pragmatic Universal Constitution…

Motto of the elite: “Placate the sovereign individual with complex words' systems, to keep him docile”.

SB asked this question in his last post to me:

“Will we allow it to be ? education into the human condition if sprinkled lightly over all people can make it s(o: - any ideas on how to bypass the politicians, bankers and lawyers who don't like people talkin', getting ideas ...?"

"Politicians enriched for lawyers - words with zero information content when wielded by these dangerously erratic people."

…and yes, I do have many ideas on how to bypass the politicians, bankers and lawyers who don’t like people talkin’, getting ideas, against the wishes of politicians being enriched by/for lawyers, by words with zero information content, when wielded by these dangerously erratic people__The answer is a bit of truth, for the first time in history…

Throw away Aristotle, W.James and J.Dewey, they are fools. Pick up on all the early and late pragmatic Pythagorean Greeks, and Ibn Sina, Kant, Peirce, Veblen and J.M.Keynes, the intelligent mathematical pragmatists. Re-found all your thinking on this new principle: The Mathematical Theorem of Genericity: "Mathematical genericity is absolutely required to sensibly understand reality, simply...", and its clearer explanation: "Truth is eternally limited to genericity, due to the fact that the manifold of interpretation is infinitely extendable__X/X=1+IEE, eternally..." These general facts just make it an easier standpoint, to see the greater Universal/eclectic picture. Then maybe we’ll have a shot at enlightening the world to the fallacies of all nations’ Imperial Preference Constitutions, which are no more than Elite Documents to enhance theft by the well-off and powerful, while their handmaiden_The Academic Elites_create word systems to placate the sovereign individuals out of their natural rights, and into docility, poverty, crime and wars.

We used to have simple intelligence when we knew grounded mathematical truths could rule the massive over-inadequate word systems. Now, we have a complexity to inanity, leaving nothing and nobody in charge, but money and the evil power pinhead-elites. The sovereign individual must pick up his God-given innate talents, for recognizing new mathematical truths, and help in the great anti-intellectual battle that needs waging. It’s a simple mathematical method of truth, based on the old Greek Golden Ratios’ maths of least and most squares and powers. It quickly and easily shows everyone the two truths’ systems the Rich and powerful have erected over the millennia__The powerful one for themselves, and the weak one for the less well-off sovereign individuals.

The sovereign individual was weakened by the promise of equal rights for all, when in fact all constitutions simply guarantee rights according to the skills of theft, and you’ll all find these Imperial Preference clauses in the constitutions of all nations on Earth__These anti-innocuous laws must be changed, to laws closer satisfying the rights of all sovereign individuals, not just the wealthy few. The battle is nothing more than the sovereign individuals rights, and/verses, the corporate/government theives’ rights. It’s completely your choice to fight the intellectual battle for your own sovereign rights__Please choose correctly.

The Two Rights Systems are no more than stupid verses intelligent pragmatism. The stupid system uses complexities of all kinds, to blind all weak parties into docility. The innate intelligent system uses the sensible middle way mathematics of old, and awakens the juices of possibilities for the weak to intellectually over-throw the powerful__"Yes We Can". The faulty democracies of ‘Crooks and Criminals’ must be replaced with democracies of Total Sovereign Individual Rights of Truly and Fairly Incentivized Equality and Pure Liberty, for the first time in world history. The constitutions of pure sovereign theft must be swapped, at the nearest yard sale, for what the elite years ago threw away, as junk thought, because it slightly invaded their absolute rights of pure theft. And the greatest criminal in the long march of word-smithing was one darling lil’ ol’ Aristotle, creating the most elaborate phony logic system, the world has ever witnessed, yet most have been too ill prepared to find the simple mathematical truths of history, to over-come this madman of rhetorical solipsism. That time of sovereign individual blindness, is now ending__Good riddance to the ignorance of Aristotle and his ilk…

And, it’s time for all willing bodies to help end the World’s love affair of: “Equal Rights According and Accorded to the Skills of Theft”…

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