Friday, November 07, 2003

Monbiot - Stealing Nations

Monbiot really outdid himself on this one. This is excellent. The best macroeconomic expose' overview I have come across.

George Monbiot

The International Monetary Fund does not make its "mistakes" by accident.
By George Monbiot.

For how much longer should we give those who run the global economy the benefit of the doubt? The International Monetary Fund has made the same "mistake" so many times that only one explanation appears to remain: it is engineering disaster.

The crises over which it has presided in Thailand, South Korea, Russia and Argentina are well documented, by Joseph Stiglitz, the former chief economist of the World Bank, among others. But we have, until now, lacked a comprehensive description of the way it worked in eastern Europe. A new book by the economist Pongrac Nagy shows for the first time how the IMF smashed Hungary. ...Article Continued

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