Tuesday, November 18, 2003

The WTO - MAI - IDF - FTAA - Unlimited Companies! *A Rare Vision Inside The Global Corporate Mind!

This information is rather long, some 27 pages, but it is the full story of the most dangerous part of the upcoming FTAA - MAI - WTO treaties. I urge you to read it. The stories will make anyone angry and cry. Many pictures, also, so it isn't really 27 pages as many pictures take up whole pages. Notice it is also pdf but well worth the read. The facts are here.

I've only posted the intro and contents. This is a June report but still pertaining. It's just the best I can find to date, and it is excellent.

BTW I'm personally for fair and balanced trade, but I can not support totalitarian trade.

Unlimited Companies
The developmental impacts of an
investment agreement at the WTO

fighting poverty together 1
Executive summary
1 Introduction
2 The risks of foreign investment
2.1 Rights under attack from foreign investment
Negative impacts on rights to land, food and sustainable livelihoods
Violating the rights of local people and communities
2.2 Negative impacts of foreign investment on the economy and poor people
3 The importance of foreign investment policies
3.1 Maximising the benefits of foreign investment
3.2 Defending against the negative effects of foreign investment
4 The proposed new WTO investment agreement
4.1 Who wants an investment agreement at the WTO?
4.2 What exactly is being proposed and how will it undermine development?
4.3 Why the WTO investment agreement must be stopped
5 The positive alternative: making foreign investment work for development
5.1 National regulation
5.2 International regulation
6 Recommendations

Executive summary
The Cancun Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), to be held in September 2003, will see a showdown over whether the WTO’s agenda should be expanded to include new negotiations on a multilateral investment agreement. Along with its promotion of the three other ‘new issues’ of competition policy, transparency in government procurement and trade facilitation, the EU’s insistence on an investment agreement at the WTO poses a severe threat to progress on international trade rules at a time when the Doha Round of trade negotiations is already on the brink of collapse. ....Article Continued

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