Saturday, November 22, 2003

Protest, Bloodshed, and Death in Bangladeshi Garment Sector - Corporations' Sweatshops

Just a peek around the world at America's amazing corporate greed in action. Especially check out National Labor Committee's link below - type Wall-Mart into their site search box. Check China's Wall-Mart sweatshop wages. The facts are sickening. I may be an economist, but the glaring imbalances in global wages is beyond economic reality, no matter what other economists' dribble may say. This sweatshop situation will almost empty America of jobs befor trade realities rebalance markets to fair global ppp's if let to continue - beware, I have warned.

The corporations have had control long enough. We need a global living wages law - Now!

If you take the picture totally in view, the corporations actually operate a cloaked global financial government through the international financial architecture of the Bretton Woods System - IMF - World Bank - WTO - 37 tax havens, and the cappers The Patriot Act, The Homeland Security Act, and the fained collusion of corporate BushCo. Washington has ripped up most all the rules and laws protecting 'democracy of the people' over the years and corporations have usurped said. All the facts to prove this are listed below on the entirety of this blog. I pray for help in the people recognizing the truth. We must take back our democracy from the corporations and their corporate bureaucracies.

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Bangladeshi garment worker and father of one, Amjad Hossain Kamal, was killed in Fatullah, Narayanganj when police clashed violently with workers, leaving more than 200 wounded and many others missing or imprisoned. Kamal's death spurred workers and political leaders to participate in a massive outcry that lasted throughout the week....

...The violence began when the police began to beat the workers with batons and to launch tear gas shells at them after they ignored orders to disperse. Police opened fire when the workers fought back, and Kamal was killed in the gunfire. The violence did not end there. New blood stains that appeared in the drains of several factories the next morning led many workers to suspect a fresh wave of violence had occurred after Monday's initial attack. ...Article Continued

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